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The best way to lessen the numbers of accidental or careless shooting incidents in America is through education, not banning guns or keeping alive the needless fear of firearms by the general public. Americans must become educated about firearms and they must educate the children, so they know what to do or not do when they come into chance contact with a firearm.

Anything we hide from our kids is a dare for them to explore the mystery we attempt to shroud them from. When a kid learns the proper and safe way to shoot and handle guns, he or she will deal with a gun brought out of the closet at a friend's house much better and safer than the uneducated kid that brought the gun out of the closet to show off. It is important for the educated kid to get out of the room and go to tell the nearest adult that a gun is being handled without adult supervision. Even if you don't have your kids trained by certified instructors or even if you’re anti gun and don't plan to shoot or let them shoot, please, please teach them the four basic safety rules listed below. It just may save their lives or the life of another kid one day.

Although many American parents are experienced shooters we still strongly recommend that you let us teach them for two reasons. (1) When you sit in on the classes or hear from them later, you will be surprised at what you will learn also.  (2) It is a well known fact that your kids will not listen to you as well as they will learn from another person who doesn't ground them or tell them what to do, even though they think they know everything. We can get on their level and make them feel like the adult that they think they are. "Bring 'em in! Don't let 'em learn it off the streets!"

You know better than anyone... your kids don't listen to you.
They will listen to us because we are not the people who tell them to eat their vegetables and to not drink from the carton.

The Instructors at Silver Bullet can teach your children to handle firearms safely and the safest way to react when a gun is introduced by other children without adult supervision.

Silver Bullet offers a very educational, fun and thorough Youth Gun Safety, Proficiency and Marksmanship Course. Taught individually or in small groups by a kid friendly NRA Certified Instructor.


The Youth Gun Safety Class consists of the following:

1. Safety

2. Mechanics and care of Revolvers, Semi Auto Pistols and Rifles

3. Safety

4. Ammunition

5. Safety

6. Shooting range ethics and manners

7. Safety

8. Firearms Proficiency (Stance, Grip, Breathing, Sight Picture, Trigger Finger Control, Shooting Tests, Improvement)

9. Safety

10. What to do if another kid gets out a gun without adult supervision

11. Did we mention, Safety?

1 1/2 Hours of Training - $125.00 - Members pay $100.00

Please supply your young shooters with a sack lunch for break time. :-)

Contact Silver Bullet for details and discounts for more than one child.


Standard Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol Safety Rules to follow Anywhere:

1. Treat ALL GUNS as if they are ALWAYS LOADED.
2. DO NOT POINT the gun at anything that you do not want to shoot.
3. KEEP your FINGER OFF the TRIGGER until you are aimed at the target and ready to fire.

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