Although Parties of multiple people may share one firing lane during a visit, only one shooter may fire one gun at a time from that lane. That shooter may only fire one gun at a time.
If you are instructing someone, please clear it with a range officer first at check-in.

Unskilled or continuous rapid fire will not be tollerated. Skilled Controlled Pairs or skilled double taps are OK. $5.00 charge for every carrier hit.

Full Auto, Silenced weapons and other Class 3 weapons are permitted with the proper Federal paperwork on check-in. You must be able to demonstrate weapon control on target. $5.00 charge for every carrier hit.

All rifles that shoot more powerful than pistol calibers must have the target at 25 yards. Shotguns must keep a full size target at 7 yards and must shoot only at lower portion of larger targets. No Steel Shot Allowed $5.00 charge for every carrier hit.

Air rifles are OK to shoot with lead pellets but no copper or steel BB’s (bounce around too much)

Before leaving your lane temporarily, unload all weapons that are out on the bench and leave them pointed downrange, actions locked open so all can see they are safe condition.

No food or drinks in shooting area.
Before you leave, please be considerate and take down your targets, sweep your brass forward of the bench and check carefully for magazines, speed loaders, ammo, tools, scope knob covers, etc. or anything else you may have left behind.


No one will shoot in our range without a safety clearance first. This means new shooters must read, understand and sign the Sign In/Liability Waiver Sheet that says they have read the safety rules. Any questions will be politely answered and explained.
Don't be embarrassed to ask us to get you started safely or answer any firearm questions you might have. We have fully qualified instructors available to teach anyone to shoot and handle firearms safely.

Everyone will wear hearing and eye protection while in the range.

Standard Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol Safety Rules to follow anywhere:

1. Treat ALL GUNS as if they are ALWAYS LOADED.

2. DO NOT POINT the gun at anything that you do not want to shoot. Keep ALL guns pointed downrange.

3. KEEP your FINGER OFF the TRIGGER until you are aimed at your target and ready to fire.


5. Only one shooter fires from your lane at one time.

6. Unload, case or holster your gun before going into or coming out of range.

7. If you have a jam or malfunction that you cannot safely clear, leave gun on bench pointed downrange and ask us for assistance.

A Range Officer will be keeping close watch on range activities through windows and video monitors.



All firearms brought into Silver Bullet to shoot MUST be in good working order and have sights, optics, or some other aiming device. Any firearm without proper sighting will NOT be allowed into the shooting area. Any firearm deemed unsafe or faulty will not be allowed in the range. Silver Bullet is NOT responsible for firearms that malfunction or cause injuries.


Full Metal Jacket or Plain Lead is OK.
Hollow points are OK.
No armor piercing, tracer or incendiary rounds. All rifle ammo will be checked with a magnet.
If you shoot .223 (5.65 mm) full metal jacket lead ammo is hard to find at a decent price these days, partly because Winchester and Remington are filling military orders first before retail orders. At the gun shows it is easier to find SS-109 or M-855 (green tipped steel core rounds) than regular lead only rounds. Many people believe that all you have to look for is the green painted tips. This is not true. British SS-109 ammo is not painted, therefore we check all rifle ammo with a magnet before we allow it in our range. We advise shooters to keep a magnet with them when shopping for rifle ammo so they know what they are buying. Armor piercing ammo has it's place, in the field against enemy, not in our range.

ABSOLUTELY NO STEEL OR ALUMINUM CASE AMMO! (IT IS A PROBLEM WITH THE RECYCLING OF BRASS CASES. Most steel case ammo is armor piercing and not range safe) Wolf or Tula ammo is CRAP anyway and you shouldn’t use it in fine firearms with tight tolerances. The first time we catch you using these banned cartriges, we will ask you to pay your tab and leave. The second time we catch you using these banned cartriges, you will be banned from Silver bullet. (Wolf Gold is the Allowed Exception)
No black powder. (too much smoke)


Lead slugs and shot are OK. No steel shot. $3.00 extra charge to replace the cardboard target hanger if it is fairly fresh when you start. $5.00 extra charge for each metal target carrier hit.  Shotgun targets MUST stay between 7 yards and 10 yards to control shot pattern.


Silver Bullet also warns shooters not to use reloads unless you know the reloader is experienced and does a decent job of re-manufacturing your ammo. We have pieces of hand guns that have blown up like a grenade from either over charging reloads or under charging them causing "squib loads" (a bullet lodged in the barrel because there wasn't sufficient power to fully discharge, causing the next round to possibly blow up the gun).
Silver Bullet is NOT responsible for any ammunition that malfunctions or causes injuries or damage to firearms.



Handgun Rental Rates are as follows:

$17.00 for one gun, $30.00 for two.

Members pay $12.00 for one and $20.00 for two.

Training Students can use our rentals in our classes free of extra charge.

Range fee, ammo and targets are not included.

Silver Bullet Shooting Range reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone for any reason, not limited to the following reasons:
Intoxication, Unsafe Gun Handling, Gangster Style Sideways Shooting, Unskilled Rapid Fire, Bothering or Distracting Other Shooters, Theft, Dishonesty, Offensive Behavior, Intentionally Damaging Equipment, Teaching Bad Shooting Habits to Others, etc.
If a problem between a shooter and our staff cannot be resolved, the shooter or visitor will be asked to leave.

Often we are very busy and there may be a wait for your turn to use our range. Please be patient and soon a lane will open up for shooters in the order that they have signed in, or members have reserved.
Only Members can reserve lanes.

If you like our range, ask about our money saving memberships.


Open 10:00 am - 7:00 pm Everyday