Home Intruder


Silver Bullet can teach you to safely and tactically defend yourself and others in a forced and armed home or workplace invasion.

Silver Bullet offers a very educational and thorough Home Defense Course. Consider including the rest of household in some of the training.

NRA Certified Instructor.

The Home Defense Class consists of the following:

1. Safety

2. Mechanics and care of Revolvers, Semi Auto Pistols and Shotguns

3. Consultation on storage of home defense weapons (This may lead to Youth Gun Safety Training)

4. Less penetrating ammunition types

5. Safety of bystanders in the house from "friendly fire"

6. Positively identifying targets before shooting

7. Procedures and drills for the rest of the family to follow incase of home invasion or the threat of home invasion (family involved in class)

8. Firearms Proficiency (Using a tactical light, Stance, Grip, Breathing, Sight Picture, Trigger Finger Control, Ammo Penetration, Shooting Tests, Improvement)

9. Exploring ways to use your dwelling to your advantage (bullet proof cover, marbles on the floor, book shelves knocked over, lights out, etc.)

2 Hours of Training $150.00 - Members pay $135.00

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