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CCW stands for Concealed Carry Weapon Permit.
Silver Bullet can help you qualify for this permit.

Our CCW class is our most popular and best selling training course. When it comes to CCW Training, you get what you pay for. If you spend a minimal amount of money on a "one night CCW course" that's exactly what you'll get. Don't get yourself in trouble with a cheap class that won't even provide you with any actual range time or tactical training.
There are way too many non-tactically trained NRA Certified Instructors out there that will give you the minimum legal requirements just so they can make a quick buck and get on to the next customer, without even considering what you will be going through if and when you ever get involved in a shooting or if you are forced to draw your weapon.
Silver Bullet has a live fire shooting facility at your disposal to make sure you know what you are doing if the dreaded day ever comes when you may have to use lethal force. Not only will you have the knowledge, but you will also have the confidence and unconscious competence to follow through with a sudden threat.
Silver Bullet offers a very educational and thorough CCW Permit qualification class. You will be instructed by a certified NRA Instructor. After going through the classroom time of the course, we will evaluate your marksmanship in our range and work with you to improve your skills. Even really good shooters can learn a thing or two.
We will teach you how to select the best possible conceal carry weapons and holsters that will work for you as well as a practical caliber for self defense.
We will teach you how to quickly and efficiently draw from your holster in a concealed carry mode.
We will explain the color code of situational and tactical awareness which is key to keeping aware of your surroundings.
We will teach you the "5 D's" as far as reacting to a growing situation.
We will fully explain the legal issues of lethal force for self defense or the defense of others in Colorado.
We will teach you the tactics of utilizing cover during combat.
We will issue you a Certificate of Course Completion with shooting score. You turn in a copy of your certificate with your CCW application to the required office of your resident Colorado county. Providing you pass the Colorado Bureau of investigation background check, they should issue your permit ID card to you within 90 days.
We want all of our CCW students to not only survive, but also to stay out of trouble with the law. It’s not about the money, it’s about doing the right thing and teaching the best possible conceal carry/combat course possible.

At Silver Bullet, we believe your life is worth a little extra time.

We offer two types of CCW classes, a Multi Day class (recommended for new or less experienced shooters - weapon not required) and a 1 day class for those with substantial experience, their own weapon and just want to qualify for the permit and learn additional tactical self defense.

Multi Day CCW Training Students can use our rentals and loaner holsters in our classes free of extra charge. (Rentals are not available for 1 day CCW Students)
Cost of ammo is not included with class use of rentals.

1 Day Conceal Carry Class

Multi Day Conceal Carry Class



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