Annual Membership Example

This Discount Membership is our original Discount Membership.
Here's how it works...

Our regular range admission fee is $18.00 per shooter for a minimum of one hour.
You pay $225.00 up front with cash, check or credit card.
We issue you a Laminated Membership Card good for one year with 12 little targets along the bottom. These targets are prepaid one hour range admissions that we punch off the card as you use them. You have 12 punches on your card! These punches do not expire with your 1 year Discount Membership. Use these punches as you wish. Use them all up first or save them for guests that you bring to the range with you, or simply save them for a time when you would rather not pay your Discount Member Range Fee of $13.00.
Now you will have money that you could use for ammo or targets!

Annual Members enjoy $5.00 off the regular range fee when they opt not to use a punch or when they have no punches left. Most members like shooting in our facility and renew even before their card expires. (Discounts are no longer valid when the card expires, but the punches never expire.) Members also enjoy 20% off in-store ammunition and 10% off all accessories, targets, gun rentals, cleaning kits, etc.
Members also get 1 Free Range Admission every time they sign up for a membership or renew, which adds up to 13 Free Shoots per Membership Card.

Now you will have money that you could use for ammo or targets!

Annual Members also enjoy discounts on NRA Certified and Tactical Instruction.
$5.00 off the standard $18.00 range fee = $13.00 for the discount member range fee, should you elect to pay rather than punch.
Members can also reserve a Single Lane as early as 24 hours and at least 1 hour ahead of time. (A member can only reserve a single lane per visit and only two members can reserve per hour.)

Annual and Gold Members pay only $145.00 for a CCW Class (normally $175.00)


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