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This class is intended for those who already have an advanced degree of shooting experience with handguns. Those who are not able to pass the shooting test or turn out to not know enough about firearms handling will be charged a $25.00 rescheduling fee and enrolled into Multi Day Class Appointments and worked with until they can pass our shooting test at 70% minimum.

The 1 day CCW Class consists of the following:

1. Safety

2. Legal Liabilities (where you may and may not CCW, When you can use deadly force, Current Colorado Revised Statutes, etc.)

3. Moral and emotional issues about using deadly force and carrying a weapon.

4. Firearms Proficiency (Stance, Grip, Breathing, Sight Picture, Trigger Finger Control, Shooting Tests, Improvement)

5. Marksmanship (Shooting Tests and hands on training)

6. Tactical use of firearms and utilizing cover (Shooting Tests and hands on training)

7. Shoot a score of at least 70% on the shooting test and qualify for CCW (expectation of 80% or better)

8. Certificate of course completion with shooting score

9. You turn in a copy of your certificate with your CCW application to the required office of your resident Colorado county. Providing you pass the Colorado Bureau of investigation background check, they should issue your permit ID card to you within 90 days.

This class is scheduled by a series of appointments.
Non Members pay $175.00 - Members pay $145.00
Student MUST have their own reliable weapon, belt, holster and magazine pouch.
Weapon caliber needs to be no less than .380 Auto.
Wear a belt and bring weapon concealable clothing appropriate for the current weather.
We do have universal conceal carry holsters, belts and mag pouches for sale.

Contact Silver Bullet for details and class schedules.


Silver Bullet Shooting Range takes pride in providing the absolute best tactical conceal carry training in the state of Colorado.

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