The Silver Bullet Shooting Range has been in business since 1976.

For many years Silver Bullet was just an indoor pistol range, welcoming only handgun calibers of .44 magnum and below. After upgrading our ballistic backstop and ventilation system a few years ago, Silver Bullet Shooting Range now can allow high power rifles with cartridges up to 30.06 or .500 Smith & Wesson. We now have an indoor rifle range. Our inventory of firearms for sale is constantly increasing as well as the selection of pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns for rental use in our shooting facility.
With a desperate ammunition shortage, Silver Bullet Shooting Range has been able to do a pretty good job keeping most calibers in stock for our shooters.
At Silver Bullet Shooting Range we have the best tactical firearms training in the entire state of Colorado and probably the entire Rocky Mountain region from New Mexico to Montana and from Utah to Kansas City. We pride ourselves in very professional and thorough tactical training and safety training. We are constantly upgrading our own firearms training so we can cre  ate new and more advanced classes and pass our extra knowledge on to our firearms students.
There are many firearms instructors taking advantage of the sudden rush for citizens to acquire conceal carry permits. The problem with this is that most instructors don’t know any more about firearms shooting than the average person who goes sport shooting at their local gun clubs or gun ranges. With the flood of people who want to carry weapons for an ever increasing need for self defense, it is very important that these people are trained properly. It is important that all persons with a CCW know how to handle their weapons, not only for the safety of others and themselves, but also to effectively stop the threat of violent attackers when that attack happens.

Silver Bullet Shooting Range takes pride in providing the absolute best tactical conceal carry training in the state of Colorado.



Open 10:00 am - 7:00 pm Everyday